Social coverage, insurance and health

Health insurance for Non-European students
All foreign students need to register with France’s health care system “l’Assurance Maladie.” This is free of charge for students.
To susbribe, please connect on

Once you have subscribed to the French health care system, you can also subscribe to a complementary health insurance to top up the reimbursements of your medical expense is entirely up to you. It is not mandatory, but we do recommend it strongly.
It’s up to you to complete the subscription process. Start by asking for a quote, and compare the offers. You can do so with traditional student healthcare mutuals, Insurance companies, or banks.
Our advice :
Check that the health insurance you choose offers a civil liability valid for both your private and student life. That way, you’ll be covered on your place of study and the place of your internship.
Students over 28 can benefit from “CMU” (Universal Health Care) under certain conditions.
Some insurance organisations require a birth certificate, translated by a certified translator. Be sure to have this document in your possession before arrival.

Rapatriation insurance
All foreign students must provide proof of repatriation insurance.

Civil liability
All students must have civil liability insurance.
Student health insurance organisations propose this guarantee for a very modest sum, around 16€ / year.

The “Student success and orientation” law (loi “ORE”) presented by the government has established a new student life and campus contribution (CVEC) (fr.) of 90€ per year. The amount is due for all the students enrolled in higher education studies.
This contribution is mandatory and aims to strengthen the social, health, cultural and sports support of students, as well as to reinforce prevention and health education actions carried out for them.
Subject to the situations defined below, all students registered or in the process of being enrolled, must pay this amount to the CROUS via the website: (fr.)
Please note:

  • CROUS scholarship students, refugees, beneficiaries of subsidiary protection or who are registered as asylum seekers are exempt: however, they must complete the online procedure on the website in order to obtain an acknowledgment of payment by exemption.
  • Students in exchange agreement, who undertake a period of mobility in France, are not subject to the CVEC: they have no steps to perform and are exempt from paying the contribution fee.

Once the payment has been carried out, you must send your proof of payment of the contribution to the Students Affairs office of ESBAN.