Research programs

Journées Jean-Daniel Pollet, 2016

Area 1: Practises and theories of exhibition (PRATHEX)

This line of research deals with questions linked to the exhibition, a practice that has been particularly developed at the Esban for a number of years – curators, exhibition assistants and student exhibitions in spaces that may or may not be devoted to art. Nonetheless, far from being restricted to questions of museology, to “writings” of the exhibition and to its formats, this axis intends to deal with the idea of the exhibition in an oblique fashion. Thus, these are attitudes (staging the artist), and paradigms (the temporality of the artwork, thinking the archive) that have been questioned under the angle of their display during the previous three programmes: Jeux d’exposition (2010), Publier/Exposer (2012), Temps exposés (2015).

Area 2: La flamme et le papillon (THE BUTTERFLY AND THE FLAME)

Rather than concentrating on elements of identity, or of convergence between literature and moving images, this line of research plans then to question the different ways of conceiving and creating that are raised by their encounter, without denying the gap that separates them. It will thus be a matter of questioning the porosity between the forms proceeding from inherent means of expression, analyzing the issues of their tensioning, positing opacity and displacement as sources of research and experimentation at the same time in the theoretical and artistic fields.